CNC Water Jet Cutting

CNC Water Jet Cutting


The biggest advantages in using Gold Coast waterjet cutting technologies is that there is no heat and minimal stress on the material being cut. Many materials such as plastics, tiles, stone, rubber and fibre glass cannot be cut using other methods such as plasma and lazer cutting so waterjet cutting is the only practical solution. Our machine uses the latest technologies to maximize the output and minimize damage to the end materials.  We can use your designs or make the most of our in house design team with general engineering and construction backgrounds to assist you with the development of your product, part or whatever it might be. A cut ready .DXF file will see your order put on the waterjet cutting table without delay, although you can also supply us with your CAD file, or even hand sketches and mockups. Water jet cutting can cut most materials to any shape you require and we have the ability to fabricate your product in our factory and even powder coat in house. We have the biggest cutting table at 2020 x 4400 with a cutting area of 2100×4100 and can cut materials up to 200mm with the waterjet at a whooping 55,000PSI. The cut quality can vary from rough to very fine depending on what the product is needed for and accuracy around .025mm, we can also cut with the garnet (fine sand used for abrasion when cutting) if the job requires this.


If you would like a price please contact us on with all your project information, material, QTY, .DXF file or .pfd etc. We can also supply the material or use yours.


  • Cold cutting – no heat affected zones, no hardening
  • Omni-directional cutting – ability to cut in any direction
  • Perforates most materials without starting holes
  • Cuts virtually any material
  • Net-shape or near-net-shape parts (no secondary processing required in many applications)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not workload material – stress-free cutting
  • Saves raw materials (small cutting kerf width, nesting capabilities)
  • Faster than many conventional cutting tools


Model 4100
Machine Size (L,W,H) (Does not include pumps or control cabinet) 5800 x 3400 x 2100 mm (19′ x 11’2″ x 6′ 10″)
Cutting Table Size† 2020 x 4100 mm (7′ 10″ x 14′ 5″)
Cutting Area† 2100 x 4100 mm (7′ x 13′)
Accuracy of Motion* ± 0.025 mm (0.001″)
Repeatability of Motion ± 0.015 mm (0.0005″)
Max. Air Speed 17.5m/min (700 ipm)
Max. Cutting Speed 17.5m/min (700 ipm)
Max. Material Thickness 200 mm (8″)

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